WSB DApp logo discussion


Some thoughts here regarding the current WSB DApp logo (the pixelated hand with pointer finger extended).

While I do not detract at all from the style and design of the logo, I am opening the question of how effective we think it is as the main logo for the token and project (e.g. visible on BitMart for example).

Ideally a good brand and logo should communicate some strong elements or have recognition which helps to encourage some sort of transaction (in this case participation in WSB DApp).

Would it make sense to consider a more recognizable logo incorporating elements of the known WallStreetBets culture, brand, and existing logos? I am not sure if IP/copyright/trademark laws would apply although if I understand correctly Jaime owns some strong IP/copyright/trademark rights from his original work founding the Subreddit.

TLDR: Perhaps we could pick a logo more recognizable and more distinct, possibly incorporating elements of the existing WallStreetBets community.



I would tend to agree with you. The hand has zero linkage to the brand, unless you already know about it. And most people do not


And I must confess as an active WSB DApp investor since April I had no clue that the current logo signified “diamond hands.”

So if I didn’t even know that, then a new investor will probably have no idea either.


I tend to agree that a new log is required, although I have no idea what the substitute should be.

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Make it the middle finger instead.


I like the glove… hand of the visionary monkey and holder.

I say we keep it as-is. Eventually it will be recognized as unique and for what it is, even if it’s currently unrecognizable for some.

Honestly, it might be something that helps differentiate us from the scam (and illegitimate) WSB tokens. From what I’ve seen, they all use a very recognizable logo known to everyone in the WSB community. I like this one.


You do make a good point about differentiation.

I think it would be cool to have a hand holding a diamond. People might link that better to Wsb. The current logo, when small, you can’t really tell it’s a hand made of diamonds. Kind of just looks like a blue hand.

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i agree we should really change the diamond hand logo

Thanks all, I’m forwarding to the design team. If it gets really contentious we could vote.

It takes some time to contact partners and change the logo, but it’s doable. The team originally explored a circular like coin, but felt since it’s really one of the only of it’s kind it stands out. It was more about being unique and not adhering.

My personal opinion, I really disliked the idea at first. The idea is, with this diamond hand you can with a click unlock new financial ideas. I got sold on it, when we realized using the standard kid logo presents issues and is used so many places how do we differentiate. The whimsical design now is to show we depart from the original concepts and it’s a new and unique experience.

Are there any designers that want to propose something?