WSB HODLer Town Hall Discussion


Hold a private WSB HODLer “Town Hall” discussion to openly discuss and provide feedback on the current state of the project, as well as ongoing and future initiatives. Participants should submit topics ahead of time to be discussed in an organized fashion in order to ensure the discussion is as productive as possible.

Forum: Discord WSB member-only voice chat, or similar forum. Must require wallet verification to eliminate trolls and spammers.

Topics could include but are not limited to:

  1. Current NFT promotion
  2. Upcoming milestones including ETP(s) releases, exchange listings, partnerships
  3. WSB Token chart
  4. Community proposals for promotion of the project
  5. Status of current ETPs and plan for release



Hi @SonoranMatt

I personally think this is a good idea, and a good way to get ahead of some confusion. I will take this to the team, and revert back if we can get a date. I appreciate your willingness to reach out and have a conversation.


Excellent Sonoran - great idea!

Agreed for your points above and would like to add:

  • Token information and updating of the circulating supply in Livecoin, Coin Gecko, CMC etc.
  • Staking and farming… when will the extra APR% be available from and what %'s?
  • How long these are expected to run with the additional NFT ‘utility’.
  • Possibility / effectiveness to burn tokens.
  • Possibility to burn / limit / reduce the number of NFT’s by a certain date.
  • Visibility of the marketing plans for each product / element.

In addition - access to staking / farming right now is almost pointless with the entry fee and low %. Is there possibility to remove the fee or make it an ‘exit’ fee to promote holding?

Thank you…


once the circulating supply is updated that’s when i see fomo happening


This theory makes perfect sense to me.

Please engage on discord there’s more back and forth for discussion like town hall. We will get more transparency. Definitely updating circulating supply is key.

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I’ve been thinking, this could also work well in a twitter spaces session. We could have some of the leadership and main contributors on Discord hosting, and if other people want to make a point or discuss something, they can use the “raise hand” feature. I’ve seen this work pretty well with some BTC communities. Sometimes trolls or spammers get the mike, but they are dealt with gently and shut down pretty quick.

Doing it on Twitter would also have the potential to attract a lot more eyes and ears to the spaces and prevent it from being too incestuous.

Also, we will be able to record it for posterity.

I like the idea of Discord too, but maybe that could be where the afterparty is held, and we could invite people over after the main discussion in Twitter spaces.



@Ehm I support your idea. I’ve seen Spaces working pretty well with some NFT communities. Plus the new Twitter feature gives more visibility to Spaces happening across the space hence this may be a good idea to attract a few more people. Discord is also great, but more “private” and exclusive to the current community.


Yes, and yes! Agree with that :slight_smile:

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Bump. Let’s make the Town Hall happen.

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When and where does that start? Post links please!