WSB Influencers

We need to take it upon ourselves to start talking about WSB DApp on more platforms. Look at most of the top coins pumping to the moon; they have youtubers, tiktokers, and tweeters always engaging others, sparking further interest. It is a chain reaction effect. I think we should start expanding social media content past the awesome discussions and podcasts lead by the internal team, now that we have products and events to show and talk about. We could have people talking about votes, community updates, and documenting WSB parties (physical and metaverse).

In this topic lets post and discuss:

WSB Community Content Creation
Parties and Community Engagement
NFT Utility (Invites, airdrops, deals)
Share your WSB content!

As a community we can spread awareness to other audiences that aren’t being reached yet. Let me know what you think, any ideas you have, and if you know of anyone already doing this. Thanks!

Couldn’t agree more, but it’s what the internal team should be doing for marketing