WSBDapp Telegram Group

Hey Guys!

This is my first post here! I’m glad to be part of this community :slight_smile:

But recently in the telegram group, I am feeling that this mix of stocks + crypto is not working very well.

Some reasons:

1 - Fights - Sometimes we have child fights (stock vs crypto), and this increases the toxicity of the community and keeps new users away.

2- Updates - With the great flood of “AMC”, “MOON”… Many times I keep sliding the scroll to find comments related to WSBDapp.

3-New users - Particularly, I have a feeling the new members will be very lost with this mix in the group.

Proposal - Make a new group focus only on the WSBDapp. (progressively with pinned posts)

I think this is the ideal point because we are at the beginning and we already have very solid proposals where it generates more confidence for new members (ETP, forum, farm, holders …)

I know it seems risky, but I think that in the long term it will be more organized and bring a lot of benefits.

Tell me, what do you think about it?


well i want to learn about stocks too, also and all in one place makes sense to me as the price of the stock markets still have an impact in the crypto world so getting some insights from the og’s in the stock world i see it as good thing, the idea is to merge the words not to divide them further , when there will be the 1st stock + crypto ETP it will just create confusion and waste of time sharing the same thing in 2 groups where you will need admins moderators (not easy to find people to be trusted with), and then you have the other side of the story where you have to explain to the stupid people how this "wsbdapp group " is related to “wallstreetbets” …it would be waste of time in my view

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i agree with this.
but i dont know if the wsb admin will agree also, since etp is just around the corner.
those other member of tg group might consider buying wsb coin in the future when they know how big is the WSB ETP for them.

But still making new telegram group exclusive for wsb coin would be nice also.

I understand your point! And I agree in parts, I would also like to learn about Stocks. I don’t know if it was always like that in this group, but when it comes to subject - I can’t see a constructive conversation, in fact, I see a lot more “spam” than real talk.

Just to clarify my point, the objective would be to make a bridge between the two groups more organized and structured, so that a person has a choice of following what interests him.

Today I feel that the WSBDapp is “infiltrated” in a group of stocks. Hoping for some to “convert” haha

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there will a signal group also from what i can recall as telegram has a limit of 20 answers for the voting pools …so its gonna be tricky in a way

i changed my mind.
wsb tg from monday to Friday is like wet market. too much noise.

admin should make exclusive wsb tg group.

newcomer become so confused when they enter our tg group, they might change their mind when they see how noisy is the group.

newcomer can’t ask question because no one talks about wsb dapp.
everyone talks about gme and amc when US stocks open.


I hate to say it, but this is just kinda what most Telegram groups are like. I really only pay attention to telegram announcement channels.

This is why I’m so glad we now have this Forum! It’s a great tool and we are finally seeing useful conversations taking place. I think more and more, this will become the center of the community, and that may even positively impact the telegram group down the road.


Completely agree about THIS FORUM !!

It really has already provided so many ideas - I can see this forum being super important as this project grows.

TG groups are always a mess of noise. As long as ppl go to our TG group and see/hear about the WSB project, the ppl interested enough to want to find out more will find their way here.

Let’s keep the conversation and ideas flowing in here (as well as the really lovely and excellent, constructive dialogue) and this project will continue to flourish…!!

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the Telegram group is good for marketing. It looks impressive to be able to say on paper that the WSBdApp has a Telegram group of over 100k members, assessing community size is one of the key factors new investors look at when evaluating a new project.

That said, I agree with all the negative sentiment above about the problems with the T group, and also with the positive sentiment about this fourm. I think this is where the real community-driven magic will happen.