Yield Farming & Calculating Impermanent Loss

I find myself googling and going to Telegram all the time with yield farming questions and getting great answers that disappear in the scroll, and on the subreddit and discord the questions are met with crickets. So I thought I’d try here.

I found this Impermanent Loss calculator and am trying to figure out how to use it. It looks really great, but also way over my head.

When making my initial purchases of $WSB and then swapping $WSB with $BSB for $Cake-LP I didn’t record the prices of each token at the time of purchasing. Since every transaction is recorded on the BSC somewhere I’m sure there’s a record that I can look at to find these answers but after spending about an hour playing with https://bscscan.com/ I’ve hit a wall. What’s made things more confusing is I re-upped several times, at several different prices over the past month, so how would that factor in? Would it be correct to average all the buy prices of each token out and then take that as my ratio?

Basically I want to figure out the ratio of WSB:BSB that I should keep my eye on to minimize IL when unstaking.

Can anyone who understands this stuff better than me help me out?

There was a vfat-tools little program that showed you real time info on your actual farming coins, so you would always know what IL was at any given time.

I hope the person that made it will update the tool so it works on the new v2 pools!

why don’t you just use the rewards tokens to sale for profits instead ? its dangerous to be greedy in volatile times , but then again a good strategy can make you wealthy a bit faster , plus you have the gas fees also for staking and unstaking (its not much but in the long run it adds up) , if you have time to watch and follow the graphs/news to minimise your IL good for you ,until all the farming rewards are payed out i dont see a reason for me to unstake anything

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This is a good point, I’m not going to either. I’m more just trying to learn how to do the calculations and how to navigate the block explorer, key skills to get better at defi trading in general.

I DM’d them on twitter a few days ago :crossed_fingers:


LEDGE!! I am waiting for the new version of tool, too!! :muscle::relaxed: